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Tears of Joy

With the Gods shedding tears of joy As they witnessed two souls in pristine indulgence She ran into the covers of his arms As if it was her cocoon, her shell, her happy home He held her like there was no tomorrow Like he never wanted to let go She looked up into his eyes As she felt his lips close against hers Filling a void, closing a gap, turning their being into one...
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Kaadhal Konden (In Love I fell...)

Sirpi thedum udhvegamai...  Oviyan varaiyum karpanaiyai...  Kavignan thedum vaarthayai...  Padaippavanin kuraiattra selvamai...  Kanden avalai.. Konden kaadhalai.

TRANSLATION: To help my non-tamil speaking friends get a gist of the poem.

As the sculptor's inspiration, the painter's imagination.. the poet's words, the Creator's flawless creation.. Appeared she,  In love I fell.

Shades of Joy

The sun went down as she sat there, The wind caressed her face, And her hair danced around like it'd found a beat She hid her lovely eyes with the back of her palm. She squinted a little as she sat there, Until he approached the side.. Becoming the shadow she would hide behind.. As he looked deep into her eyes, He knew what he saw was what was meant to be Not today, Not the present, but for eternity...

The Bar Raiser...

A man whose wit and humor keeps people smiling all around. I am almost mighty sure I get a large chunk of my creative side from him. Eternally busy and socially engaged, certainly there's a huge influence he has had in the man I am today in every way.  A small write up to say thanks and how much I love and respect the man! 
Every time I think I have gotten closer You raise the bar further… When I feel like I’ve woken up a better person  Your smile reassures me there miles to go before I sleep With every victory and any accomplishment Your composure reminds me to stay humble.. The greatest lesson I ever learned,  Wasn’t taught in any school I went to You taught me, how there would be something to learn From everyone I will meet through the journey of life You showed me how to respect every woman I would meet, I would date, I would work with, I would befriend, I would grow up around You lead by example, on how we were equal in every way When I start something new,I begin with passion Your chase for…


Because everyone we meet know impacts us in one way or the other as much as we want to believe we are all immune to external stimuli. A gentle reminder of who I will always be and how the journey of life will evolve one second at a time. ..

Some have loved Some have left Some have hurt  Some have cared  Some I miss Some I don't Some I believe  Some I fight Some have touched Some have nurtured Some have impressed Some have shared All have made a mark Everyone's a part of who I am The great I look up to The good I emulate The bad taught me not to be There's very few that bring hope, Who make me want to believe.. For who I continue to dream, Who will search with me for the pot of gold at a rainbow's end, For who turn my world magical... Who will ride with me the Unicorn of Hope,  Into a perfect sunset at the Elysian Fields...

Unnal Naan..

Oru naal podhuma Un iruppai naan kondaada Oru vaaram podhuma Un seyyalgal naan purindhu kolla Oru maadham podhuma Un manadhai naan ariya Oru varudam podhuma  Un pugazh naan paada Oru dasaaptham podhuma Unnidam nandri koora Oru jenmam podhuma  Un sumai naan unara Ulagathin atthanai vaarthaiyum Thavarividum en nandri ennavendru naan solla Ethanai janmam vendum Thaaye un kadan naan theerka Ovvoru naalum unn-naale Unnale naan ...


Malargalin thottam sendren  Unnai pol azhagai thedi  Ematram kanden Iyarkai niraindha kaatukku sendren Un vizhigalil therindha thooimai thedi Niraasai adaindhen Neer niraindha Kadalukku sendren Un ullam pol aazham thedi Ellai sandhithen, akkadalil Kaalai vizhithu kannadi mun nindren Tholaindhu pona en idhayam thedi Un mugam paarthen, en uyir unarndhen